Yoga takes many forms

Finding the methods that resonate with you is key to sustaining a practice that strengthens your equilibrium and increases your capabilities. Qi gong training and energy work dovetails beautifully with any yoga practice. Taught by an experienced master, this training contains fundamentals to advanced principles and is suitable for all.


“Learn to sunshine yoga training barefoot doctorstand still and upright in qigong and you’re able to (literally) withstand all the pressures of life.

It’s also incredibly powerful exercise and though on the surface of things you’d think it the easiest aspect of qigong to learn because all you do is stand there, it’s actually the most difficult, though simple to follow, and requires the most focus and the effect is the most powerful and hence it’s the most advanced level of qigong practice this side of the actual internal alchemical aspect (which comes next after this).”