Where you spend your money matters. Consciously supporting businesses that have integrity and values aligned with yours is a strong way of collaborating to make more positive difference. These products each come highly recommended -I’ve tested them. When you make a purchase you help yourself, the business owners, charities and me by affiliation. Get something good and give something good too.

shop sunshine yoga cork yogis matCork Yoga Mat Kit: Natural fibre, heavy duty mat with amazing grip, comes with handmade bag. Profits go towards freeing young women in India from forced prostitution and helping them find dignified employment.

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sunshine yoga cork yogis kitsunshine yoga cork yogis matsunshine yoga cork yogis bagssunshine yoga cork yogis bags2


mooncup sunshine yoga

Mooncup: Smarter Sanitary Protection – Eco, cheaper, healthier alternative to pads and tampons. Medical grade silicon, reusable and reliable.



brain-feed 5-htp sunshine yoga uk5-HTP by brainfeed Plant-sourced high strength supplement that aids serotonin production in the body.   5-HTP is a naturally occurring substance in the body, it regulates mood, anxiety, appetite & sleep as well as helping to manage the impact of stress. (Twice the strength of Holland & Barrett brand)

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