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Being witnessed and provided with a loving, held space in which to express yourself authentically can often precipitate unique insights and a clarity that reveals the next step – whatever that may mean to you. So often we are caught in the head trips and internal drama that prevents our intuition from being heard.

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Coming back into the body with the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will realign physically, release the stale residue of blocked emotion and begin to rediscover your own resources. It is important to make space for the wisdom of the body to be heard and acknowledged. The body does not lie or trick us like the mind sometimes can. On occasions of low ebb, extreme challenge or simply tiredness Рwe need each other to assist in the process of feeling stronger, more able or more relaxed. It is human. It is a collaborative process.

What happens in a session?

During the initial consultation we will explore together any relevant details you would like to share (of a physical, emotional or psychological nature) in a comfortable, safe environment with complete privacy. After listening to you and doing some gentle body work to assess your posture and holding patterns, I will recommend according to your needs, guidance on a home practice to support our work together.

My training, knowledge and intuition allow me to address your needs with sensitivity, encouragement and intelligence using additional information and experience from many years of doing this kind of work with others (such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Naturopathic Nutrition, TCM, Massage and Ayurveda)

Whether it is help with a relationship, improving energy levels, reclaiming your natural confidence and vitality or opening up the next layer of opportunity in your life, I can help you access clarity and wellbeing and show you the tools to maintain your equilibrium.

Every session is tailor-made for you, scheduled for your convenience and can happen either at my home or via zoom.

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