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Restorative Yoga Therapeutic Reset – France 2018 [Retreat]

Restorative Yoga Therapeutic Reset – France 2018 [Retreat]

June 21, 2018 – July 10, 2018 all-day
The Spirit Retreat
12550 Coupiac
from £725

sunshine yoga france 2018 jemima house

In this yoga retreat – which is suitable for all levels, even beginners – we will gently examine the ideas and behaviours that hold us back from true enjoyment of our lives.

Away from our everyday lives and in sunshine and nature, we will use a combination of mental, physical and spiritual techniques to reset our experience. Through breath, postures, meditation, group work and journaling we will unlock the residue of faulty conditioning stuck in the body and allow the accompanying limiting beliefs to dissolve until weyoga retreat france 2018 jemima house are clear of blocks and open to positive changes. Restore and refresh your being.

yoga retreat france 2018 jemima house

yoga retreat france 2018 jemima house

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