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(Not Your Average) Yoga Teacher & Coach


I see yoga as a metaphor and instruction booklet for living well, it is not just a set of postures or breathing techniques – it is the state of being that exists underneath the noise, it is behind and beyond all that we think we are. I have practiced it in many forms for over 20 years.

Yoga is a discipline that creates freedom and reduces suffering. I am proof of this.

But in 2018, Yoga is misunderstood by many.


This is why I have created Embodied Mindset


Because although the spirit of Yoga is at the heart of what I do and what I teach, there are many ways up the mountain…I include many additional aspects of mind/body medicine, some ancient and some modern, that complement yoga principles and make an effective and practical 21st Century formula without the requirement to practice for 20 years or live on a mountaintop.

Embodied Mindset uses the same proven 4 step process for your route to expansion whether you attend a retreat, an online program or coaching sessions with me.

These are the 4 steps.






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My desire is to enable you to have the broadest experience of life possible, to enjoy it, to remedy and soothe neuroses and pain and to expand consciousness and connection so you can ‘love whoever is around to be loved’

Why Work With Me?


I have been supporting others in successfully making sustainable positive change AND expand into creativity for over 20 years. From cleaning company to networking events, from social enterprises to writing – the thread connecting all my work derives from a deep fascination with the human experience and a desire to help everyone enjoy it more and connect more satisfyingly.

The fundamental psychology and seeming contradictions of being human are a lifelong passion; my copious and ongoing self-study includes Psychoanalysis, Social Science, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition and Neuroscience amongst many other things.

Integrity and authenticity inform how I lead, coach and teach.

Being stringent in attending to my own process means I have the clarity and space to be fully present for you to unfold, allowing your true desire to reveal itself.

At this time, my desire is to support women like you to:


  • realise your own agency
  • own your experience & choices
  • align with your inner wisdom
  • create a life – full of heart – that you truly love


Whether it’s shifting habits that no longer serve or expanding and creating your heart’s desire – I can fully support you.

``It is not a question of learning much, on the contrary, it is a question of unlearning much`` ~ Osho

I love to witness the transformations that occur when tension dissolves.

When we relax, learning is effortless and we come closer to our childlike state –  lighter, more playful and more able to flow easily through life.


Join Me In The Sunshine For Transformation


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