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“It’s not a case of learning much, on the contrary, it’s a case of unlearning much” Osho

Hello. I’m Jemima, I write, coach and teach all things yoga, connection and creativity…

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Inspired by the ancient principles of various traditions that realized the mind and body are just two parts of the same system, I practice and teach as part of my exploration into what it means to be human.

My intention is for maximum enjoyment and learning.

Operating with respect for all parts of ourselves gives access to our vital spirit and allows space for intuitive methods of restoring equilibrium when things feel difficult. Read more here

By learning how to gently recalibrate and bring harmony to the internal state and all bodily systems, we can better handle challenging emotions, negative thoughts and symptoms of unease.

From nutrition to relationships, all aspects of living come into an authentic yoga practice.

Yoga is a way of coming home, a wonderful remedy for anxiety, depression or overwhelm and a way of returning to the connected state of relaxed flow we all crave. From here we are able to experience more enjoyment, more satisfaction and deeper, more authentic connections with others while welcoming our natural creativity into being. From here, we thrive.

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