Restorative Yoga Jemima House“It’s not a case of learning much, on the contrary, it’s a case of unlearning much” ~ Osho

 Mind-body medicine

Jemima’s yoga teaching is inspired by the ancient principles of various traditions that realised the mind and body are just two parts of the same system. Operating with respect for this knowledge gives you access to your vital spirit and methods to restore your equilibrium.

By learning how to gently recalibrate and bring harmony to your internal state and all bodily systems, you can better handle difficult emotions, negative thoughts and symptoms of unease.

This unique and restorative yoga method is delivered with sincerity and a light touch from an experienced practitioner, artist and mother. A wonderful remedy for anxiety, depression or overwhelm, you’ll return to a state of relaxed flow able to experience more enjoyment, more satisfaction and deeper, more authentic connection to others.