“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” ~ Goethe

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I’m not your average yoga teacher.

Since pre-school I’ve been addicted to questioning, asking why rules are there and wondering how humans can get communication so wrong.

Understanding the human experience and refusing to accept that life is suffering led me down many avenues: Art, Writing, Conscious Sexuality, Nutrition, Psychology, Hedonism and Yoga (not necessarily in that order) My aim is always to have and enable others to have, the broadest experience of life possible, to remedy and soothe neuroses and pain, to expand consciousness and to ‘love whoever is around to be loved’.

Yoga remains the most steadfast route to these outcomes for me.

I’ve somehow racked up over 20 years of practice (despite still feeling like I’m 18 in many ways) in various disciplines of yoga and a good working knowledge of numerous traditional teachings that underpin wellness of mind, body and spirit.  Always drawn to the fundamental psychology and seeming contradictions of being human; my self-study includes psychoanalysis, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and neuroscience amongst other things. More recently, I’ve become passionate about supporting women in realising their own agency, owning their experience, aligning with their wisdom and creating a life they love. No stranger to enjoying myself fully (#notapurist) I am also stringent about continually attending to my own process so I can have integrity and clarity when helping others.

 Sunshine Yoga jemima house

I’m a mother and business woman too and am involved in numerous other projects that fire me up –  the arts, yoga, communications – I’m a connector by nature. I want the best of everything for everyone.

Yoga brings me peace, strength and clarity, it’s how I live my life. Connected inside is connected outside.


Yoga with me

sunshine yoga jemima house

I see yoga as a metaphor and instruction booklet for living well not just a set of postures or breathing techniques.

Yoga always brings me back to neutral and illuminates the space between the thoughts I’m aware of and who I really am beyond all that.

Unlearning stressful patterns of behaviour has been the biggest, most essential step to freedom I can think of.  Releasing energy for enjoyment, learning and love and having a strong healthy body at the same time is an absolute joy. Yoga practice can be applied to every area of life and improves results consistently.

I love to see people new to yoga releasing their tension and stress and being able to feel (underneath all that) how amazing it is just to be alive.

When we relax, learning is effortless and we come closer to our childlike state –  lighter, more playful and more able to flow easily through life.

(And here’s me playing…)