sunshine yoga restorative mind-body medicine“It’s not a case of learning much, on the contrary, it’s a case of unlearning much” ~ Osho

Ancient principles of mind-body medicine to help you access your vital spirit and restore your equilibrium.

Real yoga builds strength and flexibility of body and mind and relieves suffering.

The constant demands of 21st century living call for a consistent practice to counteract the patterns of stress and discomfort that prevent our ease.

Yoga is a constant practice of gentle recalibration. It brings harmony to your internal state and all bodily systems using body movement, breath and deep relaxation

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Yoga unlocks your magic, when we are in a state of relaxed flow, we experience more enjoyment and satisfaction while our connection to others naturally deepens.

Benefits include

better quality sleep

boost to your immunity

the release of happy hormones

development of strength and flexibility

more joy, humour and health

more clarity and peacefulness

resilience to pressure and stress

Better health of body and mind and more enjoyment is accessible to you right now.