“It’s not a case of learning much, on the contrary, it’s a case of unlearning much” ~ Osho

sunshine yoga home

I teach Transformational Yoga in Bath to dissolve your stress into ease and revitalise your body, allowing layers of tension to drop away and bringing mental space and clarity. A practical approach to living successfully in the modern, western world.

How it works

Balancing our spiritual nature with the experience of being human can be a challenging affair; our thoughts and emotions get tangled and the body gets tired. Mind, body and spirit get out of balance causing physical or mental discomfort. I provide the opportunity for gentle recalibration of your internal state using body movement, breath and relaxation that enables you to feel better on a deep level. These simple practices have profound effects that often lead to the effortless type of falling-into-place-ness that we experience when life is sweet and good. My unique sessions restore your equilibrium without pain or fuss.