“It’s not a case of learning much, on the contrary, it’s a case of unlearning much” ~ Osho

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My teaching is derived from ancient principles and delivered with a practical approach for successful living in the modern, western world. I teach a practice that can dissolve patterns of tension and holding allowing your natural life energy to flow more freely and thus bring a more satisfying and joyful quality to everyday life. When we are in flow we are able to get strong more easily, when we are strong, we are able to experience intensity with more ease, keeping our equilibrium intact.

How it works

Balancing our spiritual nature with the experience of being human can be a challenging affair; our thoughts and emotions get tangled and the body gets tired. Mind, body and spirit get out of balance causing physical or mental discomfort. I provide the opportunity for gentle recalibration of your internal state using body movement, breath and relaxation that enables you to feel better on a deep level, giving you the tools to manage your state with grace.

These simple practices have profound effects that often lead to the effortless type of falling-into-place-ness that we experience when life is sweet and good. The world is as we are.

This practice also serves as a comprehensive map for your unique journey – my intuitive sessions restore your equilibrium without pain or fuss.

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